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Training Services Agreement Sample

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The training is provided at the location indicated in the customer`s order (the “site”). If no location is indicated in the order, the training is provided in a location to be determined and confirmed in writing with the customer. For on-site virtual training and e-learning, the client is required to test all necessary equipment and systems before the planned training, so that Kinetica can offer the training, unless otherwise stated by the market. Unless otherwise indicated, participants in the training of clients participating in the public training must arrive at the training site no later than 15 minutes (and no later than 30 minutes to the virtual classroom) before the start of the training on the first day of training. Where and if the duration of a course is indicated in a number of days, a “day” is no more than 6 hours of lessons with breakfast or lunch of one hour. All on-site training is agreed between the parties, but does not include more than 6 hours of classes in a single day. The training applies only to the number of courses, dates and times (including start and end dates), locations, on-site (i.e. on-site, virtual or otherwise) and the number of students (participants) listed in the order. Training dates must be confirmed three weeks or more before the training date. All confirmed apprenticeship entries are subject to the Cancellation Directive in accordance with Section 2.4 and the Deferral Directive in accordance with Section 14.

This agreement allows the client to acquire training (“training courses”) according to Takari order forms (which may contain online registration or order forms provided by Takari or on behalf of Takari) that relate to this agreement (“order forms”)) and defines the basic conditions under which training courses are provided. This agreement governs the initial purchase of the customer on the effective date, as well as all future customer purchases relating to this agreement. 1. Generalities. Takari will provide customer training for the number of participants listed in the corresponding order form. The order form also shows the format, date (s) and time (s) for the training course. The training is only valid for the date and time specified on the order form concerned, subject to availability. The customer must provide Takari with each participant`s name and email address for the equipment.

The training is subject to the current version of the instructions for Takari training changes and cancellations currently available under (“Conditions for Modification and Cancellation”). Kinetica charges the customer training when the customer signs the order in accordance with Section 4. Unless other payment terms have been agreed in the order, the full amount charged, plus any taxes, is payable no later than 30 days after the date of Kinetica`s invoice. Unless otherwise agreed in an order, the Customer agrees to pay all costs related to additional participants present in the classroom at the time of the training. The client can cancel the training by informing Kinetica in writing beforehand. The following cancellation fees apply to all confirmed training that requests cancellation: (a) notification of termination received between the signing of the order and 2 weeks before the start of the training course - 50% of the corresponding fee, plus reimbursement of non-refundable installation and travel expenses; b) Termination received less than two weeks before the start of the training - 100% of the fee to be paid, plus reimbursement of all installation and travel expenses. The client cannot resell Kinetica`s training course. Kinetica will provide the customer with certain consulting and training services (the “services”) according to the customer`s order. Each order contains, by reference, these terms and conditions (the “agreement”).

To the extent that an order provides for additional conditions and/or conflicting with the agreement, the terms of the decision apply.