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What Is A Prenuptial Agreement In Nj

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A marital agreement may be annulled if it can be proven that one or both parties signed the agreement under the influence of alcohol or drugs or do not have the mental capacity to consent. Many couples who enter into a preliminary contract are significantly less than well in New Jersey in the event of separation or divorce. By predestining the treatment of their property before marriage, a lawyer preparing a marriage agreement can help outgoing couples avoid long legal wrangling. If one or both parties did not have sufficient time to thoroughly consider the content of the agreement before signing, the judge may decide to cancel the agreement. When searching for the answer to a question of law, it is important to read the actual language of status. However, it is also advantageous to read a summary of the status in plain English. Below is a brief overview of New Jersey`s preliminary contract laws and links to the relevant statutes. If you have any questions about marriage contracts, please contact the expert lawyers of Snyder Sarno D`Aniello Maceri and Costa LLC. Call us today at (973) 274-5200. It is important to note that, according to upPA, a marriage agreement cannot infringe a child`s right to be supported.

The uniform of the Pre-Husband Agreement Act, N.J.S.A. 37:2-31, basically steals considerations for a court in determining the enforceable force of marriage contracts and transfers the burden of proof to the party that is unenforceable. In other words, marital agreements are considered enforceable and the party seeking to invalidate the agreement must demonstrate that the following factors weigh in its favour. When a party attempts to evacuate the pre-up, that party must prove that it: (i) executed the agreement involuntarily; (ii) entered into an “unacceptable” agreement because, at the time of the implementation of the agreement, full and fair information on income, wealth and financial obligations was not made available to the other party; does not voluntarily and explicitly renounce a right to advertise the other party`s assets or financial obligations beyond the disclosure provided; had not or could not reasonably have been aware of the other party`s assets or financial obligations; or has not consulted an independent lawyer and voluntarily and explicitly waives in writing the opportunity to consult an independent lawyer. The New Jersey Prenuptial Statute is known as the Uniform and Pre-Civil Union Agreement Act also known as (UPAA) OR N.J.S.A. 37:2-31. This status was adopted in 1988 and amended in 2006. In Steffens, the parties signed a marriage pact the day before their wedding. The husband wanted the marriage because he had already had two divorces. So he told his wife that he would not marry her unless she accepted it. Both parties signed the marriage agreement, which was represented by a lawyer, although the lawyer advised the woman not to give her consent.

A valid marriage agreement requires complete financial information. If there is evidence that a party concealed pre-wedding property or lied about the value of its pre-wedding property, a judge may decide to invalidate the agreement. I advise clients to develop, verify and sign the marriage arrangement well before the wedding or in a civil union. In this way, the risk of a party asserting that it was under duress when the agreement was signed is reduced. I also advise both parties to have their own independent advisor to ensure applicability. It is important that a matrimonial agreement is well developed and that the UPPA is respected.