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What Is Timber License Agreement

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No one can cut, harvest and harvest certain woods, pulp, firewood and other forest products unless they have been authorized to do so in accordance with Section 20 and the annual average allowed has been granted. No company may obtain a licensing, licensing, leasing or authorization contract after the effectiveness of this code, unless it submits such a plan and is authorized to implement it within six years of its application. B. For pine or mangrove forests, the seed system can be adopted with, if necessary, planting: Subject to the agreement of the division head, can be adopted, on the recommendation of the director, any forest and harvesting system that may be suitable for research: in addition, no authorized person can cut, harvest or harvest wood , or other slaughter products, unless it plants three times the same variety for each tree felled or destroyed by this logging or removal of protocols. Any violation of this provision is sufficient grounds for the immediate termination of the licence, contract, lease or authorization. [Modified by PD-Nr. 1559] The licensee, tenant or licensee may not transfer or transmit its license, licence, lease agreement or authorization only if the licence, lease or authorization has existed for at least three (3) years, if the purchaser, tenant or licensee has not violated forest law, has not violated any rules or regulations and has faithfully complied with the terms of the licence agreement and has faithfully complied with the terms of the licence agreement and has faithfully complied with the terms of the licence license agreement. License, lease or authorization, the purchaser has all the qualifications and no disqualifications necessary to hold a license, license, lease or authorization, there is no evidence that such a transfer of transport is carried out for speculative purposes; and the purchaser assumes all the obligations of the assignor. Priority is given to the owner of the tree plantation, the tree operations or the agroforestry for all the appropriate areas covered by an agreement or licence permit on the wood, after the Bureau has determined the adequacy of this area and has provided for the possibility. d.

Exemption from the payment of the percentage of tax levied on domestic revenues under Title V of the National Code when forest and forest products are sold, traded or exchanged by the lessor, in their original state or not, as well as exemption from any form of turnover tax, local and municipal taxes and property tax, in accordance with the provisions of Presidential Decree 853; The amount of participation is determined by the amount of wood that can be harvested.