Wet Detail

Rather than worry about the coolkid scenepoints, Erin and her husband, Richard, built this piece of Volkswagen perfection specifically to their liking, no Vortex approval necessary.
Here’s our write up on Erin’s Fahrenheit GTI.


Water By The Bridge 2013

Posted by On May - 29 - 2013

Our coverage of Water by the Bridge 2013 for


Vietmin’s Lancer

Posted by On January - 26 - 2013

To close out the summer, we gave away a free detail to the contestant that submitted the best write up on why he or she deserved a detail from WetDetail, complete with a photoshoot from!


The Busy Life

Posted by On October - 25 - 2012

2012 is inching closer and closer to its end. It seems every year gets busier and busier, not just with what I do with sr83, but with life in general. I haven’t made an update for a few months, so I thought I’d toss up some pictures and a few words to let you guys know that sr83 is still alive…

24k - S&P Originals

Posted by On May - 11 - 2012

Had a great opportunity to roll down to Chattanooga with Chad Moore and shoot a couple of cars for our friends Sal and Perry at S&P Automotive.
While both were S&P built, they each have their own style and respective differences. Check out Seth and Sal’s Mk2s!


Posted by On April - 30 - 2012

One can measure friendship by the weight they hold in your life; a ride home from the bar when you’d had one too many, a helping hand when you move, how cool your car is.. wait, wait, wait, who put that in there? All in good humor, but more importantly, friends are those who drive you - whether it be to build your car the way you’ve always wanted it, or even just to get through the end of a tough week.

Andrew is a friend. Have a look at not only what he drives daily, but what drives him, daily.


Posted by On April - 7 - 2012

I met Athena for the first time at H2O International last year. Soon after returning home from H2O, she began her build; we’ve followed along since day one and now I’m happy to bring you the story!!

Check out our latest feature on Athena’s 2003 GTI!

Thanks to Wolfsburg Automotive, we were given the chance to attend the 2012 APR Distributor Conference. Even though APR hosts an annual barbecue GTG in October that is open to all, this event was for APR dealers only.

After arriving a little late Friday, we played catch up on both our beverages and our small talk with industry leaders. 2012 is going to be a great year!

Check out this article for more information on the conference!!!

Miles of Love

Posted by On February - 29 - 2012

When the name Audi comes to mind in the world of modified cars, minds always wander to the S4, but that’s not the case with Ian. In order to spark interest in the automotive world today, the biggest engine, outrageous horsepower and fastest quarter mile times aren’t always top of the list, like in years past.

Meet Ian’s reflex silver 99.5 Audi a4.


Posted by On December - 23 - 2011

sr83′s latest feature – Matt’s Supercharged MKIV R32!



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