Miles of Love

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When the name Audi comes to mind in the world of modified cars, minds always wander to the S4, but that’s not the case with Ian Soderbom. In order to spark interest in the automotive world today, the biggest engine, outrageous horsepower and fastest quarter mile times aren’t always top of the list, like in years past. Don’t get me wrong, we love those things all the same, but there’s something to be said about a visually appealing car that can be driven daily, comfortably, and still have fun in.

Meet Ian’s reflex silver 99.5 Audi a4.

After receiving the car as a gift for his 16th birthday, Ian began sculpting to make it his own creation almost immediately and hasn’t looked back since.
Because this is a daily driver, Ian opted for something that could be adjusted where necessary – Vmaxx coilovers, giving him the ability to dial the ride height in perfectly at each corner.
To further accentuate his style, he chose a set of  Brabus Mercedes Benz replica wheels – 18×8.5 et35 with 215/35′s up front and 18×9.5 et25 with 225/40′s out back, giving a functional fitment and still eliminating wheel gap.

Under the hood is a 1.8t engine and Ian has a 2.5 inch custom cat back exhaust installed to give the car a nice deep purr.
This car has been through quite a bit since 06’, including a wreck last year that left the front end in some trouble.

Ian sourced a new hood, bumper and a badge-less grill and went to work fixing the car. Today, thanks to Ian’s love for his car, the culture and the people his car has brought him to, the car is back together and better than ever, standing as a symbol of what drives him. Ian travels a bit and has taken the car all over, so if you’re on the east coast, there’s a chance you’ve seen this car on the road or at a get together.

Future plans for the car will keep it relatively simple – air ride from Air Lift Company , euro trunk, a Seat Cupra front valance and some other secret goodies, including some new shoes, but you’ll have to wait for those!