With the growing car enthusiast world, there are still plenty of people out there who haven’t learned who we, as automotive enthusiasts are, why we’re in the automotive enthusiast community. Not just sr83, but everyone.
The cars, the comradery, the drive, the lifestyle.

Much of this would still be unheard of to even those who are on the media side of things, had it not been for the growing coverage and documentation of the automotive community. From racing events to car meets, from rat styles to plush styles, from drifting to drag racing, from static to air, from.. well you get the idea.

We’re here to do our part in the growth and the betterment of the automotive community.
Along the way, we hope to promote a more positive mentality to the lifestyle and help further build a culture around the automotive scene that future generations can enjoy as much as we do.

Sr83 began as a simple portfolio website for Josh Gilmore. After 6 years, focus gradually began changing from web and graphic design to photography and film projects and the sr83 name came along for the ride.
Today, sr83 serves a dual purpose -

  • a photo/video journalist archive and feature website
  • an online portfolio to show our future customers the capabilities of our photographers and videographers

Our goal is to show you your car or event from a professional, artistic perspective.
Please spend a few minutes in the pages of our website to see if that perspective is right for you.


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