Noble Blood

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Jonathan Rogers gives us a peak into the stables of local car enthusiast Steve Destephenus, owner of this beautiful Noble M12.

We started a little later than we had hoped, but it worked out for the best. With the temp being a little low early in the day, the afternoon warmed up nicely and clear skies gave us a great backdrop through the trees.

Steve’s had quite a collection over the years, including a Viper or two, old and new and even a special edition Harley Davidson, fashioned after that of none other than Elvis Presley. Oh, don’t be surprised, everyone in Memphis has one of those…


We finished up our first location and headed down to the stables at just the right time. With the sun on its way down, we set up at the perfect time to grab some great shots of where Steve keeps all those ponies…

We’re just as big a fan of super cars as the next guy, but what really stands out to us is a car that’s really put to use. After talking with Steve for a few hours, I found that he agrees 100%. If the M12 was just a garage ornament, Steve say’s he’d have sold it a long time ago, but every time he gets in it and carves through the twisties (which he does quite often), he couldn’t possibly let it go.

Jonathan has really outdone himself with this shoot! Normally, I like to be the one behind the camera, but today I was more than happy to help out.
I was able to squeeze in a shot or two…

All in all, it was a really awesome day and a great shoot. Next time you Memphis folks are out on the ‘grange, keep an eye out for Steve and the M12. Somehow I don’t think you’ll miss it.

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2005 Noble M12 GTO 3R
Steve Destephenus
Jonathan Rogers | Josh Gilmore
Josh Gilmore