Staring At The Sun

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So, I was asked by a friend and fellow automotive enthusiast to film a video featuring an old Mercedes and an old Chevrolet truck.
After brain storming for a few weeks, I canceled plans for an art show in Nashville and rented a 7d and a Tokina 12-24mm f4 (wish it went lower than f4!!!).
On my last shoot, I used a few different lenses, from a Canon 70-200mmL f2.8 to a Tokina 10-17mm. I loved the 10-17, but I thought it might get a little played if the whole video was shot with it. The 12-24 doesn’t have the fisheye distortion that the 10-17 does.

The owner of the Mercedes decided at the last minute that he didn’t want to be in the feature film, so we were left with shooting only the Chevy. This turned out for the best, we ended up having a little more time to shoot on the truck and get the footage we need (hopefully, I’m still editing).

With the Mercedes out, I still wanted something else old to compliment the truck in the shoot. I asked owner of Wolfsburg Automotive, Patrick Findley, if I could borrow his vw bus to use as a stand-in. He tossed me the keys and off I went. I’m hoping to do a shoot and feature video on the bus sometime in the near future, so be on the look out!!!

The video is filmed in various places around Memphis, including 3rd Generation Customs, home of this masterpiece and the birthing grounds of many others.

Thats enough babble for now. Hope you enjoy the photos in this set.
I’d like to thank Boyd of 3rd Generation Customs, Patrick of Wolfsburg Automotive, for being so easy to work with and local! And also Jonathan Rogers, for his work as a production assistant on the shoot, giving his advice and for snapping not only the behind the scenes photos from the video shoot, but for some of the photos in this set.